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Impressies na een studiereis naar Zuid-Afrika

Bij de EMIM- c.q. MISC-opleiding begeleidde ik studenten bij hun studiereis naar Zuid-Afrika, in het bijzonder Khayelitsha (Kaapstad). Na afloop maakten we telkens een korte impressie, ook ik. Een »

Every man meet his match

"Is it important that the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is a member of the Board of Directors?" and "To whom should the CIO report?": two questions that are asked quite »

On the governance of information

In this article, the authors give a definition for information governance, extending the common, one-dimensional approach into a more generic statement. Starting from the well-known principles of IT governance, the »

Information leadership: the CIO as orchestrator and equilibrist

We define the function and role of the CIO as the orchestrator of the information-related activities of the organization. To be successful, the CIO should further maintain equilibrium between inspiring »

Data and reality: a plea for management realism and data modesty

Recently, an old yet wonderful book came to my notice: Data and Reali­ty (1978). After all, too many systems developers and other standard­izing do-gooders gladly forget the wise »